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Magnetic Sweepers

Magnetic sweepers provide a quick and easy option for removing metal pieces such as nuts, bolts, rivet ends, screws, drillings and swarf from workshop and factory floors.

From our small mini sweepers through to the large vehicle mounted sweepers we have an option for every application.

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The Magswitch range which consists of mechanical tools with the ability to turn a permanent magnetic field completely on or off with the twist of a knob.

The advantages provided by Magswitch offer significant, new capabilities in steel fabrication, lifting and handling, allowing for more efficient and safer set-ups.

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Magnetic Lifters

Magnetic lifters provide an efficient and safe solution for handling ferrous metals. Suitable for handing steel plate, bar and pipe.

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Magnetic Hand Lifters

Simple permanent magnet lifters to assist with lifting, sliding or retrieving steel objects.

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Latch Magnets

  Heavy duty latch magnets, ideal for industrial door stops, gate latches or machine safety guard latches.

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Tool Holders & Trays

Strong magnetic tool or knife holders and trays perfect for organising your tools.

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Pawn Magnets

High strength magnets ideal for holding notes, maps, schedules or photos on whiteboards, refrigerators or any ferrous metal surface.

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Name Badge Magnets

Magnetic name badge fittings use strong neodymium magnets which allows name badges to be easily attached though clothing without the use of pins or clips which may cause damage to the fabric.