Ceramic Ferrite Magnets

Ceramic Ferrite magnets provide good magnetic strength, are corrosion resistant and suitable for use in high temperature environments. Ceramic ferrite magnets are the most cost effective permanent magnets and are suitable for uses across a wide range of industries.

Ceramic Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite Magnets are available as Disc, Block or Ring magnets and custom shapes can be made on request. Ceramic magnets are not affected by moisture and the maximum operating temperature is 250 degree Celsius. They are also available in multi-pole orientations across one surface only (suited for close holding applications) and these are widely used in the craft industry for fridge magnets.

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Ceramic Ferrite Disc & Rod Magnets

Ceramic Ferrite Disc and Rod Magnets are used as sensors, switches, filters, latches, locking, holding, separating/filtering applications, educational and in the craft and hobby industries.
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Ceramic Ferrite Blocks

Ceramic Ferrite Block Magnets are widely used in sensors, filters, latches, locking, holding and in separating and filtering applications.

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Ceramic Ferrite Rings

Ceramic Ferrite Ring Magnets are widely used in loud speakers, motors, relays, switches, pot magnets and also in conjunction with proximity meters to record speed or degrees of rotation. Large ring magnets are used inside head rollers on conveyors for tramp iron removal.

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Ceramic Ferrite Pot Magnets

Ceramic Ferrite Pot magnets are designed for clamping directly onto a steel face, the steel casing around the magnet reflects the magnetic field out the open side of the magnet giving a solid clamping force and increased shear force compared to standard magnets. Suitable for use in temperatures up to 180°C they provide a cost-effective solution where lower clamping forces are acceptable.