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The leaders in effective Magnetic Product Solutions.

Why should you choose us?

Magnetic Solutions is owned and operated by Ken Ware, Phill Wallace and Andrew Wallace. Experienced engineers, and manufacturers who have experienced first-hand the need for trusted and reliable products and machinery, our team is able to understand your business’ needs.

Our team has a strong customer service ethic, and take pride in developing long-term, positive relationships with our clients. We at Magnetic Solutions pay high attention to detail to ensure our recommendations are best suited to your needs -  even if your requirements demand a bespoke solution.

We stock an extensive range of permanent magnets including neodymium, ceramic ferrite, samarium cobalt and alnico magnets to suit most applications. We manufacture tube and plate magnets to meet your magnetic separations requirements.

Not sure what you need? We assess and advise what solutions will  fit best for your business and, where possible, provide you with a  range of options meeting function, timing and budget requirements.

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Trusted Supplier

We both manufacture and import the right magnets for your business, and work hard to deliver on time, to the high standards you need. 

Solution Providers

We can help with research and development, design and manufacturing and process engineering.

Our team

We're a team of experienced engineers. We speak your language and understand how important it is to find a solution that is exactly right.